COMPACT PLUS MKII // 200 Ws Studio Light

COMPACT PLUS MKII // 200 Ws Studio Light


Now, digitally controlled and with exciting new features, the Multiblitz COMPACT PLUS MKII is mainly designed for the ambitious amateur who strives to work like a professional.

Equipped with an intuitive control panel and features one would expect from larger flashes, the COMPACT PLUS MKII offers every thing and a bit more for its intended areas of application like portraiture, product and document photography. With 200 Ws flash output controlled over 5 f-stops in 1/10 increments precise control is guaranteed. Furthermore, every COMPACT PLUS MKII includes the 4 channel wireless flash trigger/receiver kit X SLAVE.

High-quality electronic and mechanical components guarantee an outstanding long life cycle and permanently constant output. You will be surprised how much light you will get out of a COMPACT PLUS MKII unit when you compare it to “200 Ws” units made by our competitors.

Equipped with the time proven P-bayonet mount the COMPACT PLUS MKII provides almost indefinite possibilities of composition due to the wide range of available Multiblitz light shapers.

Product Code: COMSTU-2ND


Multiblitz Three (3) Year Limited Warranty warrants Multiblitz-branded products against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use as follows: electronic flash units for a period of Three (3) YEARS, other Multiblitz-branded products, excluding consumable parts such as illuminants, for a period of One (1) YEAR.

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